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Our mission at The Revive project is not to save the planet - we'll leave that up to Miss World, but we do believe that we can make an environmental difference to the way people buy giftware and what they buy. We hope that through our products we are raising awareness of the escalating need for the three R's - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. We also hope that through the use of great design, we can create a positive interest in the recycling process and encourage the end user to think about ways of recycling for themselves. Basically, we want to create products that are visually interesting, have a story to tell and spread the recycling message. The Revive Project is a co operation of great minds, artists and ideas and in the coming Months has some super exciting projects being launched !


  • hey, i want to contact you about a few of your products but there is no email address / fb page or any other contact method.
    Please get back to me if you’re still in business.


    Ron Borenstein
  • Hi,
    I really fell in love with the big bessy, but I still hesitate to buy it, because I can´t find any information about the terms of delivery. Can I order it to be there on a specific date? what if I want it delivered to a different address?
    I also can´t find a contact link, so I have to post a comment to get in touch with you?
    Please don´t post this as a comment, but write an answer e-mail, so I can finally buy my dream dining-table :)

    best regards

  • Hi,
    I’m very interested in buying one of your beautiful tables. Is it possible to see them before making a purchase? Where in Berlin are you located?



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