The Revive project reclaims  materials that would otherwise be thrown away and put to Landfill.

For a start we reclaimed unwanted computers and stripped them out using the boards to make brooches and the wires to make lights.

More materials soon followed. The revive project has always had an obsession with waste and likes nothing better than discovering and intercepting something new. The challenge is the same every time - what can we do to prove value, change perception, and respect these resources.

We dream of a time without landfill, when everything is recycled or composted. Between now and then we know there are far too many incredible materials that will either languish under ground or suffer the indignity of incineration; when that happens we lose, we lose quality, narrative, and the opportunity to do something great. So we intercede, choosing story laden materials of incredible character, and do everything we can to ensure their second life is as long as possible.

We are constantly searching for more materials to grow our range of brooches , scarves and lights.

The Revive project is all about working with ideas and people that have them. Its a co operation of ideas and in the coming year will take things to very exciting levels.


watch this space people !